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万圣节就需要来到,我的世界电脑版本小区地图创作者答复将不容易发布很多新的Realms来庆典活动万圣节!一起回家4399蕾米来想起这种新鮮的Realms地图全是如何的吧!【我的世界pc版交流群1】亲睐诸位小伙伴们重进!群号码:608527093!| 万圣节RealmsOriginally published three years ago, Herobrines Mansion was one of the first adventure maps to make extensive use of command blocks. Players face off against the devious Herobrine, but you can only reach him once you defeat his minions. Now, with some updated mechanics and a fresh coat of paint, this faithful recreation of Herobrines Mansion is ready for you and your friends!最开始发布的三年前,Herobrine的官邸是第一个探险地图,它很多用以命令方块。游戏玩家遭遇阴险毒辣的Herobrine,但不可以在还击他的下颌后才可以击败他。


如今,拥有一些改版的体制和一些出炉的材料,大家准备好冲入Herobrine的官邸吗!The Dornenstein Estate is simply one of the best-scripted maps weve seen so far. While taking a short, spooky journey through this mansion, youll need to find several relics to progress. Tricks abound throughout the house as sights, sounds, and freaky experiences make you wonder what is real and whats not.多恩斯坦生态园(Dornenstein Estate)是大家迄今为止看到的最烂的地图之一。在这个豪宅别墅历经一段时间的鬼魂之行的全过程中,你务必根据找寻好多个遗址来加强整体实力。

古怪的小故事给你要想告知什么是现实的,什么叫不有可能的。While were winding down on accepting new survival spawns for now (this marks the 30th one!), Forgotten Hamlet couldnt be passed up. It fit the theme of our Halloween release, was markedly different from other maps on Realms, and it even has a trailer! We like this map a lot and hope that youll enjoy it as well.尽管大家如今已经拒不接受新的生存备案(它是第30个!),被消失的哈姆莱特(Forgotten Hamlet)允许错过。

它符合大家的万圣节版本号的主题风格,是明显有别于别的地图上的行业,它乃至有一个预告! 大家很反感这张地图,期待你也反感它。What would Halloween be without some trick-or-treating? This minigame puts you and your costumed friends into a haunted neighborhood, searching for candy. Youll need to frantically run from house to house, obtaining goodies from villagers, all while dodging others who want to take your loot!万圣节怎能没一些谋略和晚宴主持词? 这一游戏将你和你的朋友带到一个闹鬼事件的隔壁邻居中,寻找糖块。你务必恐怖地从寻遍每一个屋子,从群众那边获得好处。

也有忘记,另外防止别的想着你的糖块的人!You play as a journalist, investigating a seemingly-empty building at night. Armed with your flashlight, camera, and a grappling hook, youve got to figure out what happened here, then escape what you find inside你饰演一个新闻记者,在半夜三更调研一个看上去机的房屋。拿着你的手电,数码相机和一个抓钩,你必不可少搞清楚这儿再度发生什么事,随后逃离这儿...Grab your friends and join us at the pumpkin party! Theres no dress code, though costumes are suggested. Try on the wither suit and more! Once youve suited up, youll cycle randomly through five exciting minigames. Have fun!逃走你的朋友,重进大家的万圣节晚会! 没衣着回绝,殊不知这仅仅个提议。尽量符合活动背景自然环境! 如果你带到这次晚会时,你肯定不会刚开始任意循环系统的五个令人激动的游戏。千古你打游戏的欢乐!Some folks know that Moesh has been working behind the scenes with me for a while now, helping to make Realms content bigger and better. For Halloween, hes created the answer to a question we found ourselves pondering: Do monsters go trick-or-treating too!? Players compete to gather the most candies by descending into the dark depths of their natural cave habitat. Get the most candy, and you win! Masterfully making members manage munchies, Moeshs map is a marvel of monster mechanics.有的人告知,Moesh在我的背后工作中了一段时间,帮助使行业网络服务器內容更高更优。


Moesh不容易沦落这一地图体制的背后白爪。之上便是4399Remilia为大伙儿带来的我的世界万圣节Realms曝出,更为多精彩文章要求瞩目4399我的世界电脑版本专区,或是在百度上寻找4399我的世界,找寻大家的专区,才可在第一时间获得我的世界的最近涉及到內容。【网络服务器吉尼斯纪录】我的世界硝烟弥漫三战枪击衣 PC版1.7.10枪击网络服务器【资讯新闻】我的世界改版归纳:动画片大电影、驱动器、新的內容【制取报表吉尼斯纪录】我的世界兔子脚如何得 PC版兔子脚有如何使用更强精彩文章要求瞩目我的世界电脑版本专区,或是在百度上寻找4399我的世界,找寻大家的专区,或是网页页面下图中的转到专区主页查看!。